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Going dark

Is color the new black?

Dark mode. Dark fiction. Darkwing Duck. And, per Syte, Dark colors in fashion. Dark is all the rage.

To be clear, I am in the very last decile of folks that would aim to dispense any fashion advice, but color provides an engagement boost across retail and ecommerce (and I can at least share a considered opinion on that).

Color bursts across verticals - fashion for sure, though electronics (those yellow iPhone ads are everywhere, right?), home, cosmetics, and even food and beverage can put colors to work for attraction and engagement.

We’ve long thought of color as a variant - a child to the product parent. But color can play the lead across the shopper journey. Color can serve as more than a facet or a filter, but as a category, an email campaign (color drops throughout the season!), and as popularized in beauty, a finder (or quiz).

And, color may still be underrated. With ecommerce struggling to boost spend, and seeing the experience grow stale in the past few years, might color be the pop that the site experience needs to employ and inspire other attributes to play a bigger role too?

Apple certainly has been painting with color for years – but look to brands like Legends, PRIME, and Lovesac, each have used color as a moment of engagement. Whether looking towards color trends, color selection or anything in between, putting color to work can lead to bright days.

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