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Paying the Toll

While paid share rose to nearly 1/3rd of visits, there's more inside the story.

Traffic oxygenates retail, especially finding new-to-you shoppers. And, that acquisition costs, as paid share of traffic rose YoY to drive 1/3rd of all traffic (slightly higher on mobile).

But… inside the numbers, there’s a tale of two visitors: new and returning.

Cost of attraction (by share) is higher for new visitors, where nearly 40% of all visits are from paid sources.

But, you are paying a toll on your returning visitors too - with 24% of their visits coming from paid sources.

With acquisition budgets under more scrutiny (by exec teams, boards and the street), every visit - and every visitor - is valuable. It is not simply enough to look at channels independently, but how channels support the journey, and how each reflects a bit more relevance for the shopper.

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