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Benchmark Best of... Customer Experience

Updated: Jan 5, 2022

Once again, customer experience topped the list of 2021's hackneyed commerce terms, narrowly edging out a series of critical, yet overused terms like loyalty, personalization and omnichannel. Each term is ill-defined and wildly broad, and frustratingly used as a crutch to justify or torpedo the status quo...

... but, cliches remain popular for good reason, and boy, does customer experience make for convenient category fodder for best practice benchmarks from the past year. Here are 2021's best of… customer experience benchmarks.

Anatomy of the Buyer's Journey

Yes, the entire shopper journey matters, but in the spirit of ruthless prioritization, the product detail page and category page are the pages that should duopolize attention. The category page connects, and the PDP converts - providing intimate opportunities to inspire and expose all the brand goodness to the shopper at the right time and place in their journey. Combined, these two page types account for 70% of all page views.

The Mobile Plateau

Just when you thought, er hoped, that the topic had gone stale, mobile delivered another tasty insight. The share-stealing days of mobile traffic came to a halt in early 2021, plateauing at 70% - still a strong majority. Of course, ecommerce’s growth has been due in large part to traffic gains, which means raw traffic from phones continues to rise. The bigger story is the shifting of conversions; mobile continues to chip away to gain even more order share, as mobile conversion rates tick up. Conditions are ripe for even more mobile gains, with more digital fluency sweeping through buying demos, decreased payment friction (hello wallets!), and even utilities like QR codes helping smooth the buyer’s journey.

Which Pop(-Up) Rocks?

Everyone has an opinion on pop-ups. Love ‘em for a discount, loathe ‘em when they gum up your experience. But, at their core, they deliver what you need to know most -- who is your shopper? -- in the form of an email address or sms number.

Location proves to be a key variable for merchants to tinker with; while banners provide the strongest completion rate, the overall yield is best from center pop-ups.

What are you waiting for?

What sets apart a good customer support experience from a not so good one? The dreaded customer service wait – will they pick up? How long until I find my way to a rep? Across industries, retail fell somewhere in the middle – not quite on par with telecomm, but beating out a number of others, like healthcare (who’s long wait times should be cause for concern).

Stay tuned for more 'best of's' to come. Need your fix now? The greatest hits LP from 2021 is here.

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