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Merchants don't care what you think.

They will listen to what you know. 

Cleaning Up
SaaS Pollution

This is an incredible time to be a creator or user of SaaS tools.

But, with entry-barriers virtually eliminated, the SaaS world has gotten crowded. And this crowd is polluting the market. Marketing teams, BDRs, Sales Execs, and Customer Success teams are casting pollution - masquerading as content - into the market; whitepapers, podcasts, and webinars. So. Much. Noise. Good luck, merchants, wading through all of the pollution. 

Leading Lights helps SaaS companies shine the light on what they know, by developing benchmarks to create advantage across your customer's journey.






Data-driven discovery identifies the stories that your data will tell.


Bring your benchmark to life with data-journalism-grade data visualization.


Establish your authority in your go-to-market and go-to-customer.


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