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Best of Benchmarks

Commerce continues its roller-coaster ride - with riders feeling the rush of recovering metrics alongside the nausea of turbulent and uncertain economic times.

Don't fee me

Returns can create a margin pinch - maybe the customer will pay?!?!

Brand switching is overblown

The shopper doesn't belong to you.

Less than a mouthful

Is word of mouth on an intermittant fast?

Know when to say send

Have we found *enough* relevance?

BTS: No Growth this quarter

Plus - some curiosities across site experience metrics

Under Ad-ssault

Platforms are stuffing more and more ads into your feed

Don’t Stop Searching

Search usage stumbled

The 64.6% Problem with Carts

The harbinger of intent is somehow still overlooked

Turning Retail Risk into Reward

Inventory strategy may be the most important decision for retailers

Intent v. Impulse, part 2

Respect the differences in shopper disposition.

Influencing Segmentation

A path to relevance runs through influencers

Intent v Impulse

The role of social in the shopping journey is changing

100 Journeys

Here's what 100 site visits looks like from tip to tail

Is it the screen size... or the audience?

Before you blame the size of the screen, here's what you outta know.

The Reel Opportunity

Reels are capturing more and more share of ad impressions

The click fix has worn off

Email send volume continues to rise, and click rate falls

Paying the Toll

While paid share rose to nearly 1/3rd of visits, there's more inside the story.

Why Dull is Dying

The rise of grazing includes ad viewing

Losing our App-etite

The app stack appears stalled

App direct open rates, by operating system. iOS sees lower open rates, topping out at 7%, while android breaches 10%

Putting the No in Notifications

Brands are pushing limits, though shopper attention remains fleeting

the growth in popularity of four colors

Going dark

Is color the new black?


Retail footfall remains sluggish

these three pages are the most frequently visited during a shopping visit - product (67% of visits), category (50% of visits) and homepage (27%)

The Popular Detail Page

All that time spent optimizing the PDP is warranted... as long as it is approached right.

A combination column and line chart showing traffic growth, which has been up the past 3 quarters, GMV growth, which most recently fell 2% after rising over the past few quarters, and consumer sentiment which has rebounded recently.

Consumer Confidence or Contradiction

Is the consumer really feeling better?

Two line charts covering the past 5 quarterly year-over-year periods. Growth is trending positive and at 6% in the most recent period. GMV growth has hovered close to 0% with -2% in the last quarterly period.

More flat than fizz

Traffic has turned up, but growth can’t turn the corner

In the past 2 year-over-year periods, AOV has increased, but heavy declines in conversion rate have created consecutive decreases in shopper spend per session.

Conversion craters

Steep conversion declines are dooming session success

A line chart depicting the growth of ecommerce technology adoption across the three major page types: home page, category page, product detail page. Over the last 18 months, the number of third parties present on a product detail page has increased from 41 to 48, a 19% increase.

Apps, apps, everywhere

Commerce technology is throwing a (third) party

A nested tree diagram that shows the share of traffic by device type, paid v. unpaid, and visitor type.

The changing face of mobile traffic

Welcome to the second order impacts of mobile

Three key measures of on-site consumption: session depth time spent per session, and scroll rate each fell on both devices.

Consumption Crisis

Grazing -- more, though fewer visits – takes its toll on visit dynamics.

9.4% of GMV is returned. But, that revenue is not all lost - between retained revenue and upsells from returns, net sales reaches 94.88%.

RMA: Returns Make Another (Purchase)

When life gives you returns…

3% of new visitors become buyers, and about 1/3rd of those buyers repeat.

The Path for Purchasers

Buyer behavior shows that purchases are not merely transactional.

Year-over-year growth has slightly rebounded, with 2 consecutive quarters of increases after reaching a valley of -4%

Dawn or Dusk?

eCommerce Growth issues a heavy hint

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