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Best of Benchmarks

Commerce continues its roller-coaster ride - with riders feeling the rush of recovering metrics alongside the nausea of turbulent and uncertain economic times.

Appetite from Destruction

Finding growth from destructing obstacles

Ticket to bounce

Bounces ... still... deserve your attention

Mostly *everything* is mobile

And inside mobile, opportunity awaits

Where do all the visits go?

Looking for growth -- turn to the shopper journey

The cost of a bad experience

Core web vitals help quantify the impact

Zocial's influence on commerce iz zet to zoar

Gen Z is buying... and they start on social

Reviews are a gift.

Commerce should thank reviews for growth - and there's more to come

Fewer subs means .... higher churn

The earlier days of subscription programs may be the hardest

A visit has never been so valuable

The cost to attract a visitor are compounding.

Putting the S in RPS

Segment performance provides a unique campaign view

Conditional Love (and Loyalty)

Products are the primary condition of your customers' love

Ad-ing up

Impressions, and spend, continue to swell.

Down with desks

Desks may be ubiquitous, but office dwellers aren't spending much time there

For frustration's sake

Letting frustration fester zaps the experience

Mobile app spend is soaring

Don't ignore the monster in your pocket

You down with LCP?

We've arrived at a standard page load metric

Digital's long running query - attribution

Attribution is an ever-moving target -- but what if you knew just a little more?

Mobile is to blame for Conversion rate declines

Here's the proof for mobile's influence on conversion rate

Mobile optimization has failed ecommerce.

Despite share shifts, the conversion gap remains intact

The Perseverance of DTC Marketing

Smaller spaces beat bigger boardrooms

What we can learn from 75m square feet

Ad-vantage > Ad Nausea

Advantage+ Shopping Campaigns are changing the commerce landscape

The After-math

The impact of returns on GMV

The Green Gap

Are shoppers willing to spend green to go green?

Failing Flat

Growth rates have become boring

Wiring for segmentation

RFM helps sift your customers into useful segments

Don't fee me

Returns can create a margin pinch - maybe the customer will pay?!?!

Brand switching is overblown

The shopper doesn't belong to you.

Less than a mouthful

Is word of mouth on an intermittant fast?

Know when to say send

Have we found *enough* relevance?

BTS: No Growth this quarter

Plus - some curiosities across site experience metrics

Under Ad-ssault

Platforms are stuffing more and more ads into your feed

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