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Down with desks

Desks may be ubiquitous, but office dwellers aren't spending much time there

For those that trudge into the office, there’s a (figurative) handshake agreement that going in needs to be about collaboration.

We go for the people, not the space.*

*Except for those that are strong-armed into an office. Shame on those leaders that are doing so for any reason besides the good of the people and work product.

But, a look inside the office reveals a couple jarring things about how we’re actually spending our time in office:

>> Isolation: 35% of all time is by individuals in an enclosed space

>> Superman imposters? Phone booths are highly utilized - accumulating 13% of time spent, for <1% of all spaces

>> Down with desks!: Desks comprise 70% of spaces, though <20% of time spent

There’s been a lot said and written about RTO (return to office) and the tradeoffs of remote v. hybrid v. in-office. Those are good debates and conversations (yes conversations – not simply speaking platitudes into a void) that depend on lots of factors.

If you are finding your way into an office, my two word guidance:

be there

Sure, find your focus time and make the most of it. But if you are amongst teammates, collaborators, partners, mentors et al,  please, be there for each other. 

Don’t hide away and be wasteful with your time, make the most of the moments you get to share with your colleagues.

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