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The Perseverance of DTC Marketing

We sometimes consummate transactions nearly instantaneously. But more likely, as KnoCommerce shows, it takes a longer period of washing over our shopper to finally harden their conviction to buy.

Every so often, a chart like this comes along that clearly shows how different, and likely circuitous, the shopper’s journey really is.

At the front, the transactionalists. 23% of folks report buying within a day of brand discovery. Another 15% buy within the week.

For the vast majority though - 62% of shoppers - it takes time, sometimes lots of it. So, what does this ‘discovery to first purchase’ survey question really tell us?

Cliche alert: we’re fostering a relationship with our shoppers.

It may feel like we’re shouting into the darkness when serving ad after ad.

And, even for those we’ve welcomed into our owned channels, our white-glove sequence only drips out so long … and most will graduate without placing an order.

But every ad, email, and mention accumulates.

We show more of ourselves with each successive touch.

And, if we’re fortunate enough to have captured identity, we get to know more about what they want.

Sure, there’s more to know than simply discovery to first purchase.

? Did we capture a shopper’s identity?

? Did they visit our owned channel (web or even social)?

? How many impressions and/or touches did it take?

? What finally tipped them?

But, this insight provides one of the clearest illustrations of the mission of DTC marketing →

We don’t have perfect information.

Nevertheless, we persevere.

We keep advertising and sending to increase the odds that the next touch will tip the scale of consideration in our favor.

That’s the glory and burden of marketing. And why we work so hard on every touch.

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