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Appetite from Destruction

Finding growth from destructing obstacles

While there are lots of signs of consumer spend cooling, there are pockets that are bucking the trend. 

App spend swelled +19.4% in Q1, largely on the screens of: 

+ Entertainment: top spend category, up +21%

+ Music:  largest growth across the top 10 categories, +39%

+ Productivity: AI lives here! +24%

There’s lots of reasons for app spending growth, but don’t overlook the foundation. It’s incredibly easy. Whether through subscriptions or micro-purchases, we’ve destroyed friction from the buying process. The once finicky obstacle of taking tender has been isolated and (largely) eliminated. And it has led us here - to the tune of three dozen billion dollars in spend (exclusive of physical merchandise and services).

Its a timeless lesson - destroy obstacles to pave the path to that sweet child of growth.

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