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Consumption Crisis

Grazing -- more, though fewer visits – takes its toll on visit dynamics.

With traffic turning up in Q4 2022, and session consumption measures falling, we are seeing the rise of grazing: more, though shorter visits.

Paul Harvey would be asking for the rest of the story, so here’s a quick morsel of what’s happening.

The days of mobile grabbing digital headlines are waaay behind us, but the second order impacts of mobile help explain the grazing trend. We’ve reached a point in retail where 3 in 4 visits are mobile. And that traffic tends to be shorter in both page views and duration. 

Taken together, mobile continues its gravitational pull on session KPIs: more mobile traffic at lower consumption volumes means all consumption is falling.

Remember, like donuts and mattresses, its what’s inside (the visit) that counts) - and on mobile, shrinkflation is turning that donut into a munchkin.

For a full view of consumption measures in retail – and across other industries – the Contentsquare 2023 Digital Experience Benchmark is here.

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