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Intent v. Impulse, part 2

Respect the differences in shopper disposition.

Like the candy bars at checkout, our shopping impulses are heavily influenced by where we are.

And - we know where shoppers are; they’re mostly mobile, with retail attracting 3 of 4 visits from phones (and that’s not including mobile app traffic).

The real story, though, is the type of traffic mobile shopping attracts.

Simply put, mobile shoppers are coming from more impulsive sources.

What types of sources are impulsive? Here’s some shading of traffic channels:

>> Intentional channels - namely direct traffic, paid search and SEO - make up the majority of all traffic. Across those channels, shoppers typically exhibit stronger intent - they are (literally) searching for products, or finding their way directly to a site.

>> Impulsive channels - paid and organic social, ads, and email - drive less share of traffic. BUT… these channels are increasing in share and drive double the share of mobile traffic compared with desktop. And, as we know, visit share continues to point mobile.

These impulsive channels are critical for acquisition (and re-acquisition) - relying on inspiration to attract shoppers.

Of course the marketing mix is ever-evolving. Now, that sound in that mix is turning MORE IMPULSIVE, as social and another impulsive channel, SMS, increase their share.

To be effective, brand marketers must appreciate the different dispositions of their shoppers in these different channel types. Those that cater their messaging to these different shopper dispositions will be well positioned to make the most of every visit (and impression).

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