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Mostly *everything* is mobile

And inside mobile, opportunity awaits

I swear, there’s a good reason why I constantly talk about mobile. And here it is.

Most *everything* happens on that handheld device.

Most visits, most carts, most abandoned carts, and most orders.

And that’s just mobile web - add in mobile apps and we see why the desktop is a shopping dinosaur.

Back to mobile, where the state of the cart is worth knowing.

Cart rate on mobile is nearly as strong as desktop (9% v 10.3%). But abandonment is higher  (86% v. 77%). We often think in terms of ‘abandonment’ as that – a rate. But, here’s a different view:

On mobile, for every conversion, there are 6 carts left behind.

Abandonment is a gift. It is one of the strongest intent signals your shopper sends. We’ve known this, and addressing cart abandonment with a triggered email is decades old, and even SMS is aging quickly.

We celebrate the small audience’s mighty RPS - but a good abandonment strategy needs to be far broader. Two underappreciated email related abandonment opportunities beyond that standard trigger:

  • In your cart: every promotional email should feature the products in their cart. Test it out – show the product grid, print the product names, print the first name, or simply remind that ‘your cart is here.’

  • Connect the email native browser activity with mobile web browser activity. We all feel this as shoppers - tap an email link, build a cart, and exit. Come back to the site via browser, and all that cart building is for naught. Shame. Make sure the cart is available to your shopper wherever they go.

Shoppers shout their intentions with their actions – and carts are the loudest of all. Make it easy on your shopper and bring their cart to them.

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