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The Pages of our (Search) Lives

The PDP and Category Page have an outsized impact in organic search.

The PDP and Category pages are clearly the core of the eCommerce experience, contributing more than 70% of all page views.  

Their importance is felt earlier in the shopper journey - as the serve as the essential pages for attracting shoppers through organic search.

These two pages rise to the moment during search’s big milestone:

+ Crawls: PDPs account for more than 2 of every 3 crawled pages. These pages are the volume pages of course - as the product page is the atomic unit of the on-site experience.

+ Clicks: When it comes to delivering visits, the category page drives 1/3rd of your organic search volume. They are a search darling, loved by shoppers and google alike.

While PDPs may convert incredibly well, your traffic driving strategy must include a dedication to getting your category pages crawled. Leave no category page behind.

And… any discussion about search is incomplete without a nod to the powerhouse homepage, which drives nearly half of all search traffic.

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