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The Popular Detail Page

All that time spent optimizing the PDP is warranted... as long as it is approached right.

You’ve heard it before: the PDP is your MVP.

It’s your cart-or-not moment. It oozes intent as a magnet for shoppers. And it carries some baggage, too.

The PDP, of course, is not simply one page. Sure, it’s convenient to lump it together as a page type and compare it to others, like homepage and category (also not one page!), but it is a collection of unique shapes and flavors that puts your products in their best light. 

And, we optimize those pages to deliver strong adds-to-cart in the pursuit of conversion.

All that attention to the PDP is warranted. The PDP by a variety of measures is the most popular page. See:

+ PDPs accounts for 69% of all crawled URLs (no surprise - there is considerable volume of pdps.). << Botify Organic Search Standard

+ 2 in 3 visitors see a PDP during their journey (there’s a catch to that number, though – read on) << Contentsquare Retail Digital Experience Benchmark

+ PDPs attracts lots of page views. On mobile, the PDP captures the highest share of page views, 37%. << YOTTAA Site Speed Standard

But… it may also be the most UNDER-performing page, too.

- It can be a trampoline – with a bounce rate of nearly 60%...

- … that accounts for more than half of all of your sites bounces (56%) << Contentsquare

So yes - all that PDP optimization is a good commerce cause. However, those who get their money’s worth approach PDP optimizations as:

--> … an audience exercise: is the PDP the right entry page? Is the PDP content right for this shopper?

--> … a collection of pages: Different PDP permutations will serve different categories, shopper needs, and shopper segments. And with it, each PDP type will perform differently in how they convert and how they deliver demand.

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